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Cutaway6 Versions
 Found Sounds, Isla Moony
 Cinematic Trip Hop
Ethereal and cinematic, this trip hop track blends chilling ambiance with sultry beats and melancholy vocals for an alluring sonic experience. 02:09
Acquiesce6 Versions
 Found Sounds
 Cinematic Trip Hop
This enigmatic trip hop track marries sultry rhythms with haunting, ethereal vocals and guitars, creating an atmospheric soundscape of city mystique. 02:31
Pull The Trigger6 Versions
 Found Sounds
 Cinematic Trip Hop
A contemporary, electronic twist on the pensive and thought-provoking Triphop style. Against a backdrop of ethereal guitar layers and vocal samples, a polished beat drives forward with purpose. 02:24
Ethereal Hallz7 Versions
 David John Parsons
 Fashionably Festive
Glide through a winter wonderland with serene Christmas beats and shimmering, festive melodies. 02:21
Stars Out3 Versions
 Maxim presents City Beats
Trap beats pulse beneath an ethereal cloak of twinkling synths, evoking a sense of beauty and wonder. 02:48
Mean Business3 Versions
 Maxim presents City Beats
A bold trap beat and gliding 808s combine in a solid hip hop instrumental and are contrasted by mysterious, ethereal synth sounds. 03:18
Go Forth5 Versions
 Thomas Bellingham
 Inspiring Landscapes
Emotive orchestration and an ethereal choir meet pulsating electronica, propelling your senses into the uncharted depths of interstellar space. 02:51
Infinite Expansion5 Versions
 Thomas Bellingham
 Inspiring Landscapes
Tense synth beds, tentative piano and glassy strings build with en ethereal choir and warm brass. The piece gains momentum constantly, culminating in a crescendo of neo-orchestral wonderment. 02:34
The Method8 Versions
 Atmospheric Rave
Emotive modern vocal rave track. Moody pianos and ethereal vocal intro builds to a massive drum and bass rave slammer. 03:20
Digital Haze8 Versions
 Melodic & Moody Garage
Sublime future garage underscore awash with blissful synth harmonies and ethereal vocals coloured with subtle beats. Perfect for moments of epiphany and self-reflection. 02:18
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