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Not The One6 Versions
 Omer Agca, Mandy Ventrice
 Breakup Pop
A vibrant and upbeat breakup anthem that celebrates honesty and the hope to be found in threading a new path forward. The track drives forward with emotional intensity to an anthemic climax. 02:03
To See You Cry3 Versions
 Reflective Dreamscapes
A laid back and introspective, guitar-led piece builds with gentle purpose, with synth layers giving it an anthemic feel towards the end. 03:34
Born For This6 Versions
 Sunshine Yes!
 Soulful Swagger
A bluesy vocal sits atop an intoxicating blend of glossy electronic sounds and distorted rock elements, all constantly building to empowering, anthemic choruses, led by group chants. 02:43
I Don't Need You8 Versions
 David John Parsons, Karina Ramage
 Empower Pop
A rock style electric guitar meets bold female vocals that build up to the chorus and explode in energy that is complimented by the drum beat in the background. 03:02
Space Bop7 Versions
 Funky Electronic Goodness
A funky slap bass grooves playfully, as anthemic and dreamy synths explode into a feel-good chorus, supported by vocal hooks, strings and a catchy brass section. 03:34
Had Enough4 Versions
 LoFi Swagger
A grungey guitar line with a surfer vibe anchors the song, while an anthemic vocal with psychedelic echo and fizzing, high-energy drums exchange blows. 02:33
Royal Visit4 Versions
 Angus Pendergast
 Stately Storytelling
A regal, majestic orchestral piece. A noble horn melody makes way for full orchestra with a rousing, anthemic theme. 02:37
Peace At Last7 Versions
 Feel Good And Folky
Bold acoustic guitar followed by revelatonal male vocal, contemplating the search for peace. Exciting, train-like drums and fat electric bass support atmospheric electric guitars and keyboards. Warm and catchy male 'oohs' combine to complete a rousing, positive and anthemic outro. 02:55
I’m Falling For You
 Richard Mark Salmon, Ben Robbins, Beth McCarthy
 Anthemic Pop
A powerful love song, full of uplifting, romantic energy and youthful anticipation towards new love. 03:02
Work In Progress8 Versions
 David John Parsons, Karina Ramage
 Anthemic Pop
An engaging female vocal performance carries a powerful message of hope for the future against a backdrop of a trap-pop beats and lofty synth pads. 03:21
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