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Track Description Length
The Light In The Darkness4 Versions
 Stef Tahlia
 Anthemic Euphoric Electronic
Anthemic and emotive track with laid back hip hop beat, strings and delicate piano. 02:42
Exultant4 Versions
 Alan Myson
 Epic Anthemic Orchestral 1
Electrified string runs with lush synth pads and anthemic drums. 02:32
Rise Up7 Versions
 Knives At Sea
 Epic and Motivational 1
A rousing and swaggery track with male vocals,hand claps and an anthemic chorus. 02:30
Lift the Flame8 Versions
 DuoSync Music
 Epic and Motivational 2
A powerful, stomping beat drives this anthemic rock track, layered with crunchy guitar riffs, screeching organ and an emotive, catchy male vocal. 02:54
Feel It6 Versions
 Future Sound of Bass 1
Emotive piano and developing anthemic build, drops to shimmering synth and vocal effects 03:45
Haze5 Versions
 Chris Sutherland
 Future Sound Of Bass 2
With huge builds and drops and anthemic synth top line, this trap-inflected track is bold and brash. 02:48
Human Touch10 Versions
 Oliver Price
 Future Sound Of Bass 2
Anthemic drops with computerised voices and trap drums. 02:42
Never Give Up4 Versions
 Andy Robinson
 Indie Rocks
Driving electric guitars with emotive strings, anthemic drums and male vocal chant. 03:06
No Limits8 Versions
 DuoSync Music
 Indie Rocks 2
A driving guitar riff, accompanied by vocal chants, rises into an uplifting, anthemic section, including elevating, soaring vocals, with the addition of inspiring strings in the finale. 02:46
Bringer Of Justice4 Versions
 The Dance Tent
Anthemic techno with melodic synth patterns and Driving beat. 02:33
Track Wave Track Wave