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To See You Grieve3 Versions
 Reflective Dreamscapes
Sparse, brooding piano melodies set a melancholic tone, casting a shadowy atmosphere of melancholic introspection and haunting beauty. Gentle, textural layers hover beneath. 04:30
To See You Scared4 Versions
 Reflective Dreamscapes
Cascading piano notes gently shuffle forward, conjuring a beautiful atmosphere and bittersweet memories. A percussive, post rock guitar and a simple beat join to give the piece more purpose. 02:50
Onward, Always6 Versions
 Jack Chown
 Emotive Vocal Soundscapes
A feverish frenzy of rhythmical vocal samples entwined with powerful drums and bouncing synth work creates a driving and mesmerising atmosphere. 02:14
Time Stops3 Versions
 Peter Hall
 Underscores – Melancholy & Mournful
A ghostly choir melds with swells of strings to create an uneasy, yet somewhat magical atmosphere that gently builds towards an emotional ending. 2.08
Heart Shaped Hole3 Versions
 Peter Hall
 Underscores – Melancholy & Mournful
Gently weeping piano chords and hauntingly held string notes create a mournful, yet serene atmosphere. 2.22
Overflow3 Versions
 Hank Saunders
 Organic Electronic
An upbeat, percussion-driven house track with lively organic elements. Bright synths and intricate beats, along with bouncy basslines create a feel-good and dynamic atmosphere. 02:02
Time Disappears3 Versions
 Hank Saunders
 Organic Electronic
Ambient organic samples blend seamlessly with gentle vocal chops creating a warm, dreamy atmosphere atop a steady house rhythm. 02:26
Kickin’ Round6 Versions
 The Big Drink
 The Big Drink
Dreamy with a hint of Psychedelia. dark drums and synth bass contrast with an angelic male duet evoking the complexity of love and romance. This tender atmosphere is broken by a guitar led psychedelic freak-out building toward a chaotic climax. 03:58
The Bitter End3 Versions
 Stefano Ruggeri
 Post Classical Heartache
A mysterious and gloomy atmosphere is created by a downbeat piano part and ambient synth layers, before a lamenting string section adds to the drama. 02:09
Daybreak3 Versions
 Jamie Ross
 Poignant Drama
From a frantic start, Daybreak settles into an emotional story, told solely between a piano and a fiddle. 04:52
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