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It Flows 7 Versions
 Cinematic Trip Hop
A laid back, fat groove supports a dark and dramatic intro. Initially cold, melancholic male vocals turn to a positive reflection on the ebb and flow of life. A tense and cinematic breakdown is followed by an upbeat, grooving outro with retro vocal and trumpet fanfare. 03:22
Black Nebula5 Versions
 Thomas Bellingham
 Inspiring Landscapes
Tense piano, nervous strings and delicate, tuned percussion build into a driven surge of brass and cello, seeking the unknown. 02:59
Infinite Expansion5 Versions
 Thomas Bellingham
 Inspiring Landscapes
Tense synth beds, tentative piano and glassy strings build with en ethereal choir and warm brass. The piece gains momentum constantly, culminating in a crescendo of neo-orchestral wonderment. 02:34
I've Been Thinking About You8 Versions
 Melodic & Moody Garage
Dark and confident, quickly developing from its stark atmospheric opening with a bold reese bassline, crisp beats and pitch-shifted vocal samples. Perfect for audacious brands and tense TV drama. 02:27
Trustworthy Liar4 Versions
 Storytelling - True Crime
Tense, mysterious and emotional track which swings on a pendulum between hope and cautious intent. 01:49
In The Dim Light6 Versions
 Thomas Bellingham
 Cinematic Folk
Nervous guitar plucks alongside a fast paced strings section in this tense chase. 01:58
Ghost Town5 Versions
 Thomas Bellingham
 Cinematic Folk
Dark acoustic guitars above tense string beds uncover a sinister tale. 02:56
Mine And Move7 Versions
 Crypto Beats
A tense and uneasy vibe is formed by dissonant, futuristic synth arpeggios. A snappy beat punctuates the tune, driving it forward with ruthless precision. 02:43
What Authority5 Versions
 Al Fresco
 Regal Melodrama
With an air of pomp mixed in with the melodrama, the piece delivers a tense yet sprightly sense of theatre, acting as a countdown to a upbeat finale. 01:56
Heirs Of The Body3 Versions
 Stefano Ruggeri
 Regal Melodrama
A sense of urgency builds throughout this tense and dramatic piece, centred around staccato strings and underpinned by ominous piano. 02:02
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