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Schubert5 Versions
 Tim Sync
 Cinematic Trip Hop
A quirky Triphop vibe centred around a bouncing bass line and guitar and horn melodies. The piece has a side-eyeing playfulness, evoking a sense of mischief and intrigue. 03:07
Raro5 Versions
 Kensaye, Denison Lugo
 Reggaeton Rhythms
fast paced quirky reggaeton track, with processed synth and an energetic auto-tuned verse. Lots of energy and unique sonic exploration 02:07
Extraña4 Versions
 Kensaye, Denison Lugo
 Reggaeton Rhythms
Heavy hitting rap/reggaeton track, with energy and percussive elements. Auto-tuned rap vocals with a fast flow. Quirky synth sounds. 02:42
Faust's Piano4 Versions
 The Infinity Orchestra
 Percussive Peculiarities
A syncopated 6/8 piano piece in F#, all black keys. Lots of quirky sounds and organic textures, showcasing all the interesting ways in which a piano can be used to create a sonic world. Everything performed on a piano at the Leipzig Opera House. 03:21
Blood Goes Bad7 Versions
 Juniper, Tom Samson
 Emotive Vocal Soundscapes
A choir of vocal samples weave in and out of a rhythmical arrangement of percussion and synths, creating a sense of disorientation and unease with moments of quirky intrigue. 02:02
Medium Jazz2 Versions
 The Natural Yogurt Band
 Natural Yogurt Band presents Surreal Lounge
A rocking, psychedelic piece with high energy and a fuzzy, vintage feel. It's a playful track with quirky, comedic undertones. 01:09
Show And Tell3 Versions
 The Natural Yogurt Band
 Natural Yogurt Band presents Surreal Lounge
Quirky vintage synths perform a quirky melody over a cool, steady beat. The piece has a humorous, lighthearted tone. 02:10
The Balkan Skank4 Versions
 Toxic Positivity
 Balkan Beats
Traditional Balkan percussion, horns and Gadulka as you've never heard them before in this quirky, upbeat skank. 2.47
Pump Up The Breaks9 Versions
 David John Parsons
 Crypto Beats
A quirky beat is paired with a Hyperpop-style vocal and sweet mallet melodies in this playful track that celebrates obscurity in a wonky and friendly way. 02:22
Oaxaca3 Versions
 Hank Saunders
 Organic Electronic
A quirky and playful house track with organic samples and off-beat rhythms. Featuring whimsical synths, bouncy basslines and unexpected sound effects, creating a fun and eclectic vibe. 02:02
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