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Why You Wanna
 Omer Agca, Wordsmith
 Brassy Beats
A lively mix of soulful beats, clever wordplay and catchy brass melodies. The old school hip hop vibe is infectiously fun and punctuated with record scratching. 02:11
Horn Dog
 Adam Connor
 Brassy Beats
Centred around a repeated horn melody, this hip-hop tune draws on old school influences to create an excitable mood. An unpredictable breakdown with sliding 808s then releases into a final fun chorus. 02:58
Holiday Soundsystem7 Versions
 Sunshine Yes!
 Fashionably Festive
Fun beats and holiday treats collide in this hip-hop infused, lighthearted pop tune with a strong Christmas theme (featuring plenty of jingle bells and a familiar festive melody). 02:52
Jingle Joyride3 Versions
 Sunshine Yes!
 Fashionably Festive
Funky bass and speedy sleighs combine in a sassy, upbeat and infectiously fun pop banger. There's a familiar melody in there for the keen eared elves. 02:53
Ash6 Versions
 Dark Shells
 Drumtronica 2
A driving house sound is created with bouncing synths and live percussion. The tracks explodes with an upbeat and fun energy. 03:35
Siteria4 Versions
 Reggaeton Rhythms
fun and energetic song, combining different latin andf island influences with heavy electronic beats, an hybrid of organic traditional sounds and modern electronic synths and energy 02:14
Said It All4 Versions
 Reggaeton Rhythms
Sunshine, positive latin infused instrumental with horn section and warm pads, with a touch of nostalgia and fun party beach atmosphere 02:35
Naturista8 Versions
 Al Fresco
 Percussive Peculiarities
This playful composition sets a sunny mood, blending spirited acoustic guitar melodies and tinkering percussion rhythms. Off beat, wordless vocals add to the the fun. 02:47
Walk With Me7 Versions
 Angus Pendergast
 Percussive Peculiarities
Fun, medium-tempo song with an addictive groove and mellow male vocal. Positive, nature-themed and colourful lyrics evocative of wanderlust. 02:23
Champion Number One8 Versions
 Liquid presents Back To Rave 2
Featuring an infectiously fun reggae vocal, Champion Number One goes from a reggae bop to breakbeat drop in the blink of an eye. 02:15
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