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Track Description Length
Highway Shine7 Versions
 The Donkey Jawbone
 Swamp Rock
A gritty, soulful tune with a driving rhythm that'll make you tap your feet and feel the bluesy groove. 02:10
Adrenaline8 Versions
 All Good Folks
 Super Power EP
An adrenaline fuelled rap voyage with larger-than-life production. Thunderous drums, soaring synths, and raw lyricism collide in an epic fusion of hip hop, pop and rock sounds. 02:44
Born For This6 Versions
 Sunshine Yes!
 Soulful Swagger
A bluesy vocal sits atop an intoxicating blend of glossy electronic sounds and distorted rock elements, all constantly building to empowering, anthemic choruses, led by group chants. 02:43
Shut Your Mouth7 Versions
 Ima Mother
 Empower Pop
This upbeat track features powerful female vocals over an electric guitar and a synthesizer that create an energetic mixture of pop and indie rock with a twist of electronica. 02:44
All My Dreams Are Gold5 Versions
 LoFi Swagger
Packed with swagger, this track revolves around a sleazy male vocal and anchored by a swung drum beat that explodes with crashing cymbals in the choruses. 03:00
Coming For It All7 Versions
 1210 Club
 Beats That Rock
Up-tempo and packed with driving energy, Coming For It All is centred around a lively vocal with a simple but catchy chorus hook. 02:52
Sinus4 Versions
 HEDSHOT presents Math Breaks
Pounding drum beats, twinkling synths and epic pads combine in this ill-tempered and ever growing assault on the senses. 03:02
Solar Balls4 Versions
 HEDSHOT presents Math Breaks
Moody with a raucous energy, Solar Balls features a wild drum performance that rages over a melodic and unwavering synth melody. 02:40
A Manitee4 Versions
 HEDSHOT presents Math Breaks
Opening to dreamy synth arpeggios, A Manitee takes an unpredictable turn into an upbeat, math-rock vibe with moments of wall-of-sound euphoria. 02:42
I Feel4 Versions
 HEDSHOT presents Math Breaks
A bright and bouncy conversation between playful synths and solid drums. 02:10
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