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Way Down South
 The Donkey Jawbone
 Vintage Funk
An ode to 70s hedonism. A sluggish, but steadily crashing drum beat, an indulgent electric guitar and an improvised organ all take turns at centre stage. 03:19
Faust's Piano4 Versions
 The Infinity Orchestra
 Percussive Peculiarities
A syncopated 6/8 piano piece in F#, all black keys. Lots of quirky sounds and organic textures, showcasing all the interesting ways in which a piano can be used to create a sonic world. Everything performed on a piano at the Leipzig Opera House. 03:21
Open Roads3 Versions
 The Natural Yogurt Band
 Natural Yogurt Band presents Surreal Lounge
Smooth and smokey, jazz infused lounge music, featuring elegant flute melodies and sexy synths, all underpinned by a gentle drum beat. 02:09
Space Disco4 Versions
A jazz infused house feel with live drum sounds and a pondering piano melody. 04:34
You Got It7 Versions
 Lincoln Jean-Marie
 Neo Soul
Funky, up-tempo, modern retro soul groove with infectious upbeat energy. 02:15
The Sundown Set6 Versions
 Mike Lesirge, Charlie Laffer, Paul Gregory, Tribe Music
 Funk Fusion
Jazz, funk and classic afrobeat fuse to create and infectious groove with a modern feel. 02:25
Nordic Jazz Memories4 Versions
 Opium Flirt
 Emotive Nordic Noir 2
Jazz-age melancholy drips slowly into subtle beats 02:37
Breezy4 Versions
 The Easy Access Orchestra
 Ska and Reggae
Breezy and carefree. Reggae with a soul-jazz twist. A timbale clangin' intro announces a thick low end groove. Woody percussion, soul horns and piano provide backing to a bright and easy guitar lead. 02:53
L.A 895 Versions
 80's Synth Pop 3
Brimming with positive attitude and retro sounds, this classic track is ideal for any 80s throwback. Kicking with vintage acoustic drums and a distinct electric guitar riff, joined in the middle by catchy keyboard melodies and featuring a stereotypical ending fade-out. 02:41
All I Want For Christmas Is To Love You8 Versions
 Tony Graham
 Classic Christmas Crooners
Joining classics like 'New York, New York', this affectionate mid-tempo Christmas song starts with a punchy swing band introduction before leading into Tony Graham's warming vocals accompanied by a gentle jazz trio and smooth saxophone chords. The energy builds with a party vibe as the track progresses, featuring sassy instrumentals, rich strings, strutting drums and soaring vocals. Showy and impressive, perfect for uplifting retrospectives. 03:51
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