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Come Down6 Versions
 Cinematic Trip Hop
Drums and bass with an old school feel and sound combine with modern, punchy synthesizers and glimmering guitars with positive, dark and dreamy male vocals. 03:21
It Flows 7 Versions
 Cinematic Trip Hop
A laid back, fat groove supports a dark and dramatic intro. Initially cold, melancholic male vocals turn to a positive reflection on the ebb and flow of life. A tense and cinematic breakdown is followed by an upbeat, grooving outro with retro vocal and trumpet fanfare. 03:22
Twisted Heart7 Versions
 The Donkey Jawbone
 Swamp Rock
A foot-stomping gem with raspy vocals and a vintage guitar riff that oozes charisma with a tinge of country blues. 02:17
To The River7 Versions
 The Donkey Jawbone
 Swamp Rock
A laid back swamp rock track with a carefree vibe. Shakers and a cowbell add to the warm feel of the group vocals and gentle guitars. 02:40
Path To Victory7 Versions
 The Donkey Jawbone
 Swamp Rock
Kick back to this smooth, bluesy rock song with an easygoing feel and a constant, relaxed rhythm and sweet vocals. 02:42
Take Control8 Versions
 Melodic & Moody Garage
Shuffly future garage beats with wide distorted synths, powerful vocals and beautiful hazy reverb. Breaks at 1:17 before driving towards an intense ending. Ideal for montages and confident themes. 02:38
Extraña4 Versions
 Kensaye, Denison Lugo
 Reggaeton Rhythms
Heavy hitting rap/reggaeton track, with energy and percussive elements. Auto-tuned rap vocals with a fast flow. Quirky synth sounds. 02:42
Daydreaming8 Versions
 David John Parsons, Scrufizzer
 Feel Good Rap
A funky, laid-back hip hop tune with a summer feel. Chilled, sung vocals take the reins in the choruses, while the verses feature a rap vocal. 03:02
Not Enough9 Versions
 Exmoor Emperor, Tom Tripp
 Breakup Pop
A chilled pop song with a house rhythm. The slinky beat and smooth male vocals combine for an effortlessly cool vibe, themed around heartache and a missed romantic opportunity. 02:48
I Believe7 Versions
 Hyper House
A driving house track featuring uplifting vocals, choral samples and Avicii style synth melodies. 02:55
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