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Cutaway6 Versions
 Found Sounds, Isla Moony
 Cinematic Trip Hop
Ethereal and cinematic, this trip hop track blends chilling ambiance with sultry beats and melancholy vocals for an alluring sonic experience. 02:09
Acquiesce6 Versions
 Found Sounds
 Cinematic Trip Hop
This enigmatic trip hop track marries sultry rhythms with haunting, ethereal vocals and guitars, creating an atmospheric soundscape of city mystique. 02:31
Crystal System Phase8 Versions
 The Bronx Tigers
 Beats, Bass & Breaks
Classic 128bpm jungle. An epic, slower tempo jungle tune, with all the staple elements from heavy, rolling bass to chopped vocals and 1990s musical pad sounds. 02:26
Model Model8 Versions
 Atmospheric Rave
UK Garage and rave vocal tune. Skippy UKG breaks intro moving into laidback female vocals and supreme modern keyboard synth hooks and vibes. 02:19
Don't Lie8 Versions
 Atmospheric Rave
Modern downtempo vocal jungle. Rattling jungle-influenced breakbeats, thundering rolling bass with powerful, emotive female vocals. 02:26
Boom Boom Boom7 Versions
 Count Zero, Sergiu Dan Muresan
 Trailers: Supersized Darkness
This score features distorted female vocals throughout, which gradually get more robotic combined with grand electronic elements building to an epic finale. 03:34
Break The Rules8 Versions
 Melodic & Moody Garage
Powerful future garage anthem sounding the alarm with portamento reese bass, strong female vocals and deep downpitched samples. An intense sonic identity for the strongest of brands. 02:56
Take Control8 Versions
 Melodic & Moody Garage
Shuffly future garage beats with wide distorted synths, powerful vocals and beautiful hazy reverb. Breaks at 1:17 before driving towards an intense ending. Ideal for montages and confident themes. 02:38
Digital Haze8 Versions
 Melodic & Moody Garage
Sublime future garage underscore awash with blissful synth harmonies and ethereal vocals coloured with subtle beats. Perfect for moments of epiphany and self-reflection. 02:18
Caiste5 Versions
 Kensaye, Fedzilla
 Reggaeton Rhythms
Mainstream reggaeton track in Spanish with synths and energy, catchy vocals and a party vibe 02:31
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