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Track Description Length
Brass Skool8 Versions
 Kickin' It Old Skool 1
Assured and confident groove with bright piano and positive fanfare style brass. 02:55
Brass Skank4 Versions
 Jim Hustwit
 Peculiar Peculiarities 1
A rolling track with a ska style and offbeat brass stabs. 02:11
Jungle Jim4 Versions
 Qemists Scores
 Anthemic Drum & Bass
Off beat, reggae-influenced piano chords with brass, drums and powerful dub drum and bass. 02:39
Good Funkin'8 Versions
 98th Street
 Body and Soul
Funky and upbeat dance groove with slap bass, vocal 'heys' and brass. 02:22
Slap Happy8 Versions
 98th Street
 Body and Soul
Catchy guitar riffs and bright brass over upbeat, Driving pop beat. 02:39
Bubbles4 Versions
 98th Street
 Body and Soul
Cool melodic groove with punchy brass and Driving, funky dance beat. 01:44
Back The Funk Up7 Versions
 98th Street
 Body and Soul
Cheeky pop groove featuring upbeat brass with wolf whistle vocal samples. 01:55
Upfront8 Versions
 98th Street
 Body and Soul
Smooth and rhythmic with kicking bass groove, vocals, punchy brass and cool synth breakdowns. 02:16
Funksteady7 Versions
 98th Street
 Body and Soul
Upbeat groove with bold brass riff, funky slap bass and a cool outlook. 02:03
Good Day Ahead6 Versions
 Peter Wright
 Bright Mornings
Lighthearted, uplifting and positive with instrumental features and brass finale. 02:27
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