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Andante From Sonata No.113 Versions
 Louise Spencer
 Classical Classics - Harp Edition
This is a beautiful harp cover of Mozart's nostalgic Andante, offering a lulling duet with the warm glow of childhood innocence. Dreamy and hopeful, ideal for positive visuals. 1:36
Daisy Chains5 Versions
 Joss Peach
 Storytelling - Country Calm
Dobro's notes dance softly, painting a canvas of calm with hopeful melodies and gentle, percussive accompaniment. 02:49
Hopeful Horizons4 Versions
 Liam Hennessy
 Storytelling - Tiny Tasks
Rhythmic mallet pulses build with rolling percussion to positive end. Perfect for documentaries 02:12
The Tortoise4 Versions
 Liam Hennessy, bloodmoon
 Storytelling - Tiny Tasks
Hopeful and inspiring piece that builds to motivational ending 02:30
Ursa Minor3 Versions
 Arpeggiated Drama
Ursa Minor feels like a lift off, opening to ominous synths and opening out into hopeful and inspiring arpeggios as the listener breaks through the clouds. 2.52
Cascading Light4 Versions
 Arpeggiated Drama
An ethereal piece that leans towards a Sci-Fi theme with its mysterious introduction, and develops into a hopeful, shimmering second half. 3.23
Fruits Of Labour6 Versions
 Angus Pendergast
 Stately Storytelling
Driving and energetic string ostinato with lush, rousing melodic sections. Brief pizzicato interlude leads to spirited and hopeful recap and a neutral ending. 02:35
Evergreen4 Versions
 Thomas Bellingham
 Gentle Growth Orchestra
Hopeful piano layers grow alongside glassy, delicate string swells. 03:29
Insect Village4 Versions
 The Donkey Jawbone
 Wonders Of The Natural World
Hopeful melodies are played on quirky synths and electric guitar in a piece that gains gentle momentum throughout. Cheerful, light percussion conjures images of busy insects. 3.03
Natural Wanderers4 Versions
 The Donkey Jawbone
 Wonders Of The Natural World
A bright and perky piece, themed around nature and led by a bouncy piano melody which is later joined by a feel-good and hopeful group vocal. 2.45
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