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 The Donkey Jawbone
 Vintage Funk
A fusion of rock and soul produces a mesmerising musical journey with a psychedelic undercurrent. The piece has an improvised feel over a constant, gradually intensifying groove. 03:58
Remote Echo
 The Donkey Jawbone
 Vintage Funk
Soothing psychedelia for the soul. Simple guitar melodies, drenched in vintage delay, float gently over a lazy beat. 02:45
Faust's Piano4 Versions
 The Infinity Orchestra
 Percussive Peculiarities
A syncopated 6/8 piano piece in F#, all black keys. Lots of quirky sounds and organic textures, showcasing all the interesting ways in which a piano can be used to create a sonic world. Everything performed on a piano at the Leipzig Opera House. 03:21
Polygon4 Versions
 Joss Peach
 Percussive Peculiarities
A whimsical tune that dances with joy, intertwining woodwind melodies and lively percussion to create a delightful musical adventure. 02:14
The Letter3 Versions
 The Natural Yogurt Band
 The Natural Yogurt Band presents Funky Fashion
Feel good and funky, The Letter is a sunny feeling track featuring playful hooks from saxophones, flute and Hammond Organ on top of a steady straight beat. 05:42
Fantasmi3 Versions
 The Natural Yogurt Band
 The Natural Yogurt Band presents Mystery Funk
Inquisitive vintage synth melodies and the mysterious whistle of a theremin are set against a sauntering beat and lazy bassline. 01:50
Tough Luck3 Versions
 The Natural Yogurt Band
 The Natural Yogurt Band presents Mystery Funk
The track opens to rumbling drums and improvised organ, before a funky bass joins and groovy goodness breaks out in jam form. 01:26
A Manitee4 Versions
 HEDSHOT presents Math Breaks
Opening to dreamy synth arpeggios, A Manitee takes an unpredictable turn into an upbeat, math-rock vibe with moments of wall-of-sound euphoria. 02:42
Pacific Thing3 Versions
 Los Gusanos
 Soulful Psychedelia
Upbeat and playful, Latin-inspired groove, that shuffles its way to ecstacy. 04:54
Easy Life3 Versions
 Los Gusanos
 Soulful Psychedelia
A lazy Sunday morning of a song, featuring a dub-delayed guitar and steady drums. 04:20
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