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No Limits8 Versions
 DuoSync Music
 Indie Rocks 2
A driving guitar riff, accompanied by vocal chants, rises into an uplifting, anthemic section, including elevating, soaring vocals, with the addition of inspiring strings in the finale. 02:46
Better Together4 Versions
 Qemists Scores
 Anthemic Drum & Bass
Uplifting organ introduction with filtered drums building to drop with dominating bass and strident, positive strings. 03:17
Sunset Skyline8 Versions
 Pascal Glanville
 Anthemic Euphoric Electronic
Slow piano and strings building into a Driving breakbeat with epic strings and high staccato melodies. Followed by a chilled orchestral section and an uplifting dramatic outro. 03:58
Draw Back The Curtains4 Versions
 Joss Peach
 Bright and Positive Days
Gentle piano and light drums built up with layers of strings to an uplifting finish. 02:30
Undefeated3 Versions
 Alan Myson
 Epic Anthemic Orchestral 1
Neutral piano ripples with subtle electronic hip hop beat and sensitive string parts, hopeful and uplifting. 02:25
Way Back To You6 Versions
 Future Sound of Bass 1
Positive uptempo beats with uplifting piano chords, arpeggiating synths and female vocal effects 03:41
Rising Star4 Versions
 Sounds Like These
 Future Sound of Bass 1
Rising muted beats open up to uplifting synth stabs and hip hop beats 02:56
Lightbox6 Versions
 Future Sound of Bass 1
Uplifting female vocals, with positive synth chords and steel pan drums 03:45
Aurora Borealis4 Versions
 Chris Sutherland
 Future Sound Of Bass 2
Dynamic and uplifting, featuring spacey synth melodies, Driving guitar riffs into euphoric drops. 03:00
Happiness4 Versions
 Mike Lesirge & Guillaume Jambel
 Future Sound Of Bass 2
Atmospheric track with big catchy drums, uplifting synth harmonies and manipulated vocal samples. 03:00
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