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Track Description Length
Bring That Force9 Versions
 Oliver Price
 Anthemic Indie
Ukelele driven indie pop with a feel-good energy, centred around a singalong chorus. 03:13
Curiosity4 Versions
 Jim Hustwit
 Peculiar Peculiarities 1
Quizzical and comical brass arrangement built up with percussion, guitar and organ lines. 02:15
New Leaf4 Versions
 Liam Hennessy
 Peculiar Peculiarities 1
A cheerful, bright track with layers of percussion, harp and accordion. 01:58
Quirky And Quickly6 Versions
 William Burnett
Happy, wacky and rhythmic, light percussion with chirpy ukulele, bright glockenspiel and cheerful whistling melodies. 01:49
Clap Boom Twang9 Versions
 The Infinity Orchestra
Upbeat, ultra-happy pop with distinctive synth leads, ukelele andhand claps. 02:36
The Shoreditch Shuffle8 Versions
 Renny Jackson
Happy, bright and positive modern folk ditty with chirpy male vocals, a touch of whistling and a great feelgood mood. 02:00
Sunshine Anytime5 Versions
 Donal Scott
 Positive Bright Folk Instrumental
Light-hearted, upbeat track with melodica, ukulele, whistle and swung percussion lines. 01:46
Carefreedom5 Versions
 Donal Scott
 Positive Bright Folk Instrumental
Playful and quirky track with a march like feel, featuring tuba bass line, ukulele, xylophone and whistle. 02:21
Rundown4 Versions
 Donal Scott
 Positive Bright Folk Instrumental
Warm and sunny instrumental folk, featuring Melodica, xylophone and ukulele. 02:36
Places We Can Go7 Versions
 Donal Scott
 Positive Bright Folk Vocal
Friendly track with fingerpicked guitar and ukulele, whistle and male vocals. 02:37
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