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Get Sneaky Wit It
 Adam Connor
 Brassy Beats
A modern hip-hop beat with old school sensibilities. A mischievous flute melody takes centre stage before the track explodes into a rhythmical riot of record scratches, brass and drums. 02:31
Horn Dog
 Adam Connor
 Brassy Beats
Centred around a repeated horn melody, this hip-hop tune draws on old school influences to create an excitable mood. An unpredictable breakdown with sliding 808s then releases into a final fun chorus. 02:58
Schubert5 Versions
 Tim Sync
 Cinematic Trip Hop
A quirky Triphop vibe centred around a bouncing bass line and guitar and horn melodies. The piece has a side-eyeing playfulness, evoking a sense of mischief and intrigue. 03:07
Off Kilta3 Versions
 Maxim presents City Beats
A sauntering hip hop energy meets synthy serenity, creating an otherworldly sonic journey that unexpectedly drops into a playful, upbeat groove. 03:16
Blue Moon5 Versions
 Thomas Bellingham
 Inspiring Landscapes
Breathy flutes, cold hang drums and gliding strings drift through the cosmos and build towards an orchestral crescendo in a voyage of the soul. 02:34
3658 Versions
 David John Parsons, Scrufizzer
 Feel Good Rap
Scrufizzer delivers an energetic rap vocal over a bouncing grime instrumental with catchy horn hooks and snappy beats. 02:22
The Planets - Jupiter5 Versions
 Gustav Holst, The Enigma Ensemble
 Classical Classics 3
Looking out to the solar system, Holst's incredible Planets Suite hosts the mighty Jupiter, with shimmering strings, weighty brass melodies and dancing woodwind flourishes. This arrangement begins with the energising opening followed by the famous hymn from 3:00. 04:54
The Marriage of Figaro - Overture5 Versions
 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, The Enigma Ensemble
 Classical Classics 3
With a rapturous flurry, the wedding morning is heralded by rushing strings and woodwind embellishments, perfect for sophisticated visuals and comedy alike. 04:14
Dance Of The Knights3 Versions
 Sergei Prokofiev
 Classical Classics 2
A grandiose and intriguing orchestral piece from Prokofiev's 'Romeo And Juliet'. 04:13
Great And Small4 Versions
 Liam Hennessy
 Storytelling - Tiny Tasks
Inquisitive, hypnotic and engaging piece with rolling percussion and woodwind accents 02:06
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