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The World Is Ours10 Versions
 Guillaume Jambel & Mike Lesirge feat. Gavin Conder
 Anthemic Indie
A sauntering and moody motivator with glistening choruses and a swaggering rhythm. 02:57
Sunshine8 Versions
 Gloom Rules
 Anthemic Indie
A moody and driving pop song with a euphoric chorus, complete with group vocals and a stomp-clap break down. 03:19
This Is My Town10 Versions
 Oliver Price
 Anthemic Indie
Swaggering grungey song based around acoustic guitar riffs, with an anthem, defiant chorus 02:56
Love Ourselves6 Versions
 Sadie Rudkins & Mat Clarke
 Anthemic Indie
Anthemic indie pop song with empowering lyrics, uplifting melodies, driven home by group vocals and emotive strings. 03:05
Come Away With Me6 Versions
 Rick Tenor & James Baritone
 Anthemic Indie
Powerful indie pop with electrifying chorus melodies and a polished fusion of acoustic and electronic sounds. 03:42
Easy Does It5 Versions
 Jack Baker, Ryan Jacob, Mike Lesirge
 Drums N Brass
Brass band sessions 02:48
Bourbon Street Bounce5 Versions
 Jack Baker, Ryan Jacob, Mike Lesirge
 Drums N Brass
Brass band sessions 02:00
Soaring and Falling4 Versions
 DuoSync Music
 Positive To Negative
Poignant piano arpeggios and bright staccato strings give hope to the track, before it takes a mysterious and thoughtful turn. 02:17
Self Made6 Versions
 Hank Saunders, Isla Wolfe
 Trending Trap
Gliding 808s and dry handclaps sit cooly under sultry female vocals. 02:36
Thicc6 Versions
 Hank Saunders, PsychoYP
 Trending Trap
An energetic and hooky chorus follows on from moody verse sections, while simple, playful percussion sits underneath throughout. 02:07
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