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 The Donkey Jawbone
 Vintage Funk
A fusion of rock and soul produces a mesmerising musical journey with a psychedelic undercurrent. The piece has an improvised feel over a constant, gradually intensifying groove. 03:58
Look At Me
 Beast Mode Hip Hop
The track starts with a moody melody played on Sitar, gathering momentum with synth layers before breaking into a solid hip hop vibe with an alluring female vocal. 02:05
Like A God
 Beast Mode Hip Hop
A high energy hip hop track with formidable electronic elements and an unapologetically confident female vocal. 02:13
Sabre9 Versions
 Trailers - Fierce Competition
Pounding percussion and orchestration duel in a sonic arena, crafting an electrifying anthem for the competitive spirit. 02:56
Arachnid5 Versions
 Trailers - Fierce Competition
Urgent strings grow in intensity as pounding percussion and rising electronic layers add to the competitive frenzy. 02:48
Hornet3 Versions
 Trailers - Fierce Competition
A battleground of pulsating energy, where orchestral might and digital precision clash in a symphony of competition. 02:19
Scorpion5 Versions
 Trailers - Fierce Competition
In this sonic battleground, trailer tools, electronic pulses and orchestration collide, forging an anthem for fierce competition. 02:24
Cobra5 Versions
 Trailers - Fierce Competition
A rising whirlwind of intensity, culminating in epic, orchestral majesty, resonating with the spirit of rivalry. 02:41
A Twist In The Tale5 Versions
 Land Of Leaves
 Underscores - Intrigue & Unease
Propulsive evolving synth and tongue drum underpin an evocative cello melody. Together, these parts weave a haunting, inquisitive spell, unveiling an otherworldly, and at times, unsettling charm. 03:14
It Flows 7 Versions
 Cinematic Trip Hop
A laid back, fat groove supports a dark and dramatic intro. Initially cold, melancholic male vocals turn to a positive reflection on the ebb and flow of life. A tense and cinematic breakdown is followed by an upbeat, grooving outro with retro vocal and trumpet fanfare. 03:22
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