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Climb To Peak5 Versions
 Jamie Barclay
 Orchestral Action Adventure
A landscape of danger and hope, this track quickly introduces a low and menacing piano ostinato, clanging and snapping with percussion and marimba stabs. From this darkness emerges courage and honour as brass melodies are driven by drums and capricious string runs, eventually hanging on a cliff edge and ending in familiar mystery. An evocative track which could suit anything from perilous cinematic drama to sporting triumph. 02:03
Caspan's Tale5 Versions
 Jamie Barclay
 Light And Magical Cinematic
"He grabbed me by the hand and asked me to trust him." Reminiscent of classic Hollywood movies with an ever-changing canvas ranging from nostalgic anticipation and heroic adventure to sinister menace and back again. Full of transitions, ideal for interesting narratives and fantastic visuals including sci-fi and nature documentaries. 02:42
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