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Late Night Seoul8 Versions
 D.Tactics feat. Sam Carter & RAMI NU
 Far East Beats
The dark and grimy sounds of backstreet Seoul with hard beats and original Korean rapping from male and female vocalists. Fleeting promises of bliss with smooth singing at 0:19 and at 1:16, quickly interrupted by stark attitude. A strong accompaniment to nighttime visuals and sharp brands. 02:17
Seoul Underground8 Versions
 U-LU & Sam Carter feat. RAMI NU
 Far East Beats
All aboard this electrifying journey through the hub of Korea. Driven by rude beats and spicy swagger, this mid-tempo track includes Korean-language voiceover, vocal FX and filthy basslines. An exclusive collaboration between some of the biggest K-pop writers, perfect for brands seeking true authenticity. 02:53
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