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Track Description Length
Break Through8 Versions
 Simon Brown
 Electronic Rock
Opening with an epic build, this energetic track features a stomping beat and catchy melody. 02:15
Fighter (feat. ECHO)6 Versions
 Simon Brown
 Epic and Motivational 1
With mid-tempo percussive electronic drum beat, warped baseline riff and punchy female vocals, this is a swaggery overflowing with attitude. 02:28
Armada8 Versions
 Simon Brown
 Swagger Rock
Epic and powerful with Driving swung drum rhythm, fuzzy guitar line and anthemic vocals. 03:32
We Run That8 Versions
 Simon Brown
 Swagger Rock
Catchy rock riffs meet trap-tinged beats in this uplifting and anthemic track. 02:40
Nice Up The Dance4 Versions
 Andy Robinson, Simon Brown
 Ska and Reggae
Bouncy and confident Ska with a driving piano and organ accompaniment. 02:54
Stand9 Versions
 Simon Brown
 Global Rhythmic Pop
Bold, empowered & confident pop song with big beats, distorted bass and pumping keys 02:40
It's Christmas (What Would Santa Do)6 Versions
 Andy Robinson
 Christmas Crackers
Upbeat, fun and youthful track with band set up and female vocals topped with sleigh bells for a yuletide feel. 02:52
Sneaky4 Versions
 Heist Soundtrack 2
Horntastic and explosive choruses contrasted by sneaking, moody guitar driven down sections. 03:17
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