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Track Description Length
Away In A Manger5 Versions
 Oliver Price
 Christmas Covers
Heartfelt male vocals supported by soaring orchestral strings and contemporary piano line give this a fresh and modern sound. 03:40
Women of the Revolution13 Versions
 Oliver Price
 Female Swagger
Plenty of drive and attitude with middle-eastern flute sample over upbeat and hectic hip hop beat. 03:05
Human Touch10 Versions
 Oliver Price
 Future Sound Of Bass 2
Anthemic drops with computerised voices and trap drums. 02:42
Energy12 Versions
 Oliver Price
 world Pop
Blending electronic sounds and organic instruments with hypnotic polyrhythms and blues harmony, featuring guitars and female vocals. 02:50
You And Whose Army16 Versions
 Oliver Price
 Swagger Rock
A feel-good track with attitude, sultry brass, soulful organ and male vocals. 03:45
Beast Mode14 Versions
 Oliver Price
 Rhythmic Percussive Beats
An energising pumped-up Soca track with clubby synth lines and male vocal (and lion samples). 02:29
Jungle18 Versions
 Oliver Price
 Global Rhythmic Pop
Muddy blues stomp. Blood curdling war-cries and gritty vocals with aggressive analogue synths. 03:29
Dark Road4 Versions
 Aleksandrs Hromcovs
 Dark Electronic Beats
Distant ethereal vocal samples fly over an energetic hip hop beat. Synth arpeggios and a distorted bass line also feature in this dark and atmospheric track. 02:00
Unlimited Power4 Versions
 Aleksandrs Hromcovs
 Dark Electronic Beats
Full of attitude, deep 808 kicks and melodic woodblock hits move with a distorted synth line. 02:06
Monster's House4 Versions
 Aleksandrs Hromcovs
 Dark Electronic Beats
Bouncy dark pop track with distorted synths and call and response vocal lines. Features swing drums. 01:48
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