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Push It4 Versions
 Knives At Sea
 Electronic Rock
A motivational anthem where hand claps and a synth bass line combine with a huge guitar riff and heavy beat. 01:13
Urban Horizon4 Versions
 Patrick Carpenter
 Inner City Orchestra
Chilled breakbeat with slow, intriguing synths and strings, slowly develops with percussion. 03:36
River Of Tears7 Versions
 Patrick Carpenter
 Inner City Orchestra
Initially chilled trip hop transitions to more angry and driving beat before winding back for ending. 03:38
The Darkside4 Versions
 John Valasis
 Inner City Orchestra
Tense, edgy atmosphere with bass, drums, urgent strings and breathy female vocals. 01:33
Full Pelt4 Versions
 Alan Myson
 Inner City Orchestra
Dance beat with big drums drives dynamic, serious orchestral melody. 02:29
The Real Deal4 Versions
 Inner City Orchestra
Bold strings and panning guitar chords, with upbeat percussion and funky bass in bridge. 02:44
Urban Gunslinger4 Versions
 Qemists Scores
 Inner City Orchestra
Relentless, distorted bass and drums with intriguing strings and piano; turns positive and funky with inclusion of confident brass. 02:00
The Fall And Rise6 Versions
 Inner City Orchestra
Mysterious opening synths developing to beautiful, harmonious orchestra. 04:28
State Of Excellence4 Versions
 Alan Myson
 Inner City Orchestra
Grimey, hip hop beat with strings, turns darker with addition of brass and choir midway. 02:08
Cold Case4 Versions
 Qemists Scores
 Inner City Orchestra
Punchy electronic drums drive rhythmic beats, with captivating, tense orchestral melody, bass drone and distorted synths. 02:42
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