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Bring Out The Fire7 Versions
 Levi Stark
 Colossal Blues
Big and bold guitar riffs against a trap-style beat and synth sounds create the backdrop for a rebellious vocal. 03:40
What You Waiting On7 Versions
 Ziggy Sullivin
 Colossal Blues
Empowering vocals, uplifting horns and pounding stomp claps achieve a gigantic sound that maximises the drama. 04:05
You Better Run10 Versions
 Oliver Price
 Colossal Blues
An energetic rock song, based around big bluesy riffs, thrashing drums and a cool, distorted male vocal. 03:05
Know My Name7 Versions
 Miles Lianson, Jean-Luc Labasse
 Colossal Blues
Big, bold, bluesy vocal with an unstoppable message barks over a solid stomp clap beat, fat bass synths and distorted guitar tones. 03:22
Break Me Out8 Versions
 Six Black Skulls
 Colossal Blues
Tense determination is at the heart of the female vocal performance, as a sluggish, distorted bass, stomp claps and choir sounds add to the drama. 02:31
We Are Invincible7 Versions
 Miles Lianson, Dale Litchfield
 Colossal Blues
A dramatic intro featuring piano and a moody vocal explode into a big chorus with a confident, empowering message and bluesy guitar hooks to match. 03:06
I Won't Lay Down6 Versions
 Rick Tenor, James Baritone
 Colossal Blues
Anthemic, stomping blues with live drums and percussion, combined with immense electronic elements and a brilliant pop vocal sound. 03:49
Remember My Name9 Versions
 X Gang
 Colossal Blues
An energetic rap vocal gives a confident performance with an empowering, determined message, while horns stabs and huge drum sounds punctuate his point. 02:47
Deed Is Done8 Versions
 Six Black Skulls
 Colossal Blues
A gritty blues vocal laments over tense stomp claps, before exploding into a soaring chorus that features dramatic strings and a massive, distorted guitar hook. 03:10
Winner Til The Day I Die7 Versions
 Ziggy Sullivin
 Colossal Blues
Huge riffs, pounding beats and an unwavering winner's mentality drive this bluesy belter home to victory. 03:59
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