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Just A Runaway Sadie Rudkins
 Anthemic Indie
Inspiring and uplifting pop melodies against an upbeat backdrop of driving rhythms and joyful synths. 03:53
Bring That Force9 Versions
 Oliver Price
 Anthemic Indie
Ukelele driven indie pop with a feel-good energy, centred around a singalong chorus. 03:13
The World Is Ours10 Versions
 Guillaume Jambel & Mike Lesirge feat. Gavin Conder
 Anthemic Indie
A sauntering and moody motivator with glistening choruses and a swaggering rhythm. 02:57
Sunshine8 Versions
 Gloom Rules
 Anthemic Indie
A moody and driving pop song with a euphoric chorus, complete with group vocals and a stomp-clap break down. 03:19
This Is My Town10 Versions
 Oliver Price
 Anthemic Indie
Swaggering grungey song based around acoustic guitar riffs, with an anthem, defiant chorus 02:56
Home Is Where The Heart Is8 Versions
 Fergus Strong
 Anthemic Indie
Energetic and upbeat bedroom pop, driven by drum machine rhythms and featuring twinkly synths and quirky vocal layers. 02:32
Take Me Away9 Versions
 Guillaume Jambel & Mike Lesirge feat. Ozzy Wilde
 Anthemic Indie
Atmospheric indie song with epic percussion and sentimental vocal performance with lyrics to match. 03:05
Hold On7 Versions
 Alyx Neve
 Anthemic Indie
Emotionally charged and poignant pop, infused with acoustic instrumentation and centred around an uplifting chorus. 02:02
Best Night Of My Life7 Versions
 Karina Ramage
 Anthemic Indie
Sweet and uplifting, female vocal led pop song with an upbeat blend of indie and electronic instrumentation. 02:47
My Own Way7 Versions
 Alyx Neve
 Anthemic Indie
A thrilling fusion of funky verse sections and anthemic choruses, featuring bluesy vocal hooks and fat synth layers. 02:02
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